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I realize!

Facing the person in front of you may be a difficult thing for one to do but oh it's so necessary. I didn't want to do it but I had to if I wanted any real awareness of self. I became accustomed to functioning out of an empty reservoir. I wanted to pour from the overflow but had limited supply that left me nothing.

My truth was most times UGLY but I had to accept it. I had to  face it in order to alter it. With the help of God’s word reassuring me that I can do all things, not some but all things through him that strengthens me I was strong enough to undo and redo those parts of me that I did not like.

Every morning I spoke loudly the change I wanted to see in me and over time with intentional repetition it became habitual and imbedded within me. Now, I am able to face every part of me and see me without blinders on!

I declare the image I see will reflect the woman God intended me to be!

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